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A big change will come.

To preserve values of items farmed by hunters, we will be removing almost all the weapons and sets in cashshop (xshop). all items in the current cashshop will be available for hunting/farming. Ribbon boxes/sealed boxes etc.. will have much lower drop rate. Some of the jewel drop rates will be lowered for a little bit. This way, farmers can still sell their hard earned/farmed items. 

Rest of the update information to be followed. 

To our loyal donators, we really appreciate each one of our donators who continues to support and trusts us. But it feels like our cashshop is killing the economy of the game. 
we will give you 3 days to get all items you desire from the cashshop. But after that, only essential items will be left. (Toca,tol,pets.. etc..)

We also want our players to EARN and at thesame time ENJOY while staying here with us.

The server can survive with minimal donations. A bigger, healthy and better community is much more important than money! 

Rest of the information — to be followed.